Market Opportunity Analysis

For every technology company it is vital to (re-)align the best way possible to the opportunities in the market, whether we are talking about the existing portfolio, or about new product or service launches. In the pre-launch stages, of product development and packaging, it is important to align the product or package to current and future needs, demands and desires. It is also important to understand how big the opportunity is (market sizing & forecasting), who (market segments, decision makers) will be most interested in buying the product and how they can be convinced (messages, decision making process & stakeholder, analysis, buying process). With this information at hand, messaging can be created and resources can be allocated and trained.

Pb7 helps you align to the opportunities in the market by combining primary research such as online surveys and in-depth interviews with desk research, best of breed market modelling skills, and a thorough analysis of what the research results mean for your market approach.